2020 Cheyenne Court
Grafton, WI 53024

Get in the Best Shape of your Life!

Burn fat. Build Muscle. Have Fun!

Are you struggling to reach your fitness goals?

Confused by all of the conflicting information from friends, magazines, and trainers? We know how hard it is to stay committed to fitness on your own. Using our years of experience, training education, an in-depth assessment, and your specific goals, we will design a program that will finally help you look, move, and feel great!


With us, you'll learn how to work out the right way.


Learn a sustainable way of eating for health & performance.


Surround yourself with support and strong, like-minded people.

24-Hour Access Health Club with unlimited choices to your training!

Teri lost 20 pounds since training at F&F!

Janice is energized and ready for the day!

Mel / Lisa are stronger than EVER!

Form and Fitness was voted the BEST health club in the Milwaukee Business Journal for the last 10 years. Form & Fitness was also published in Journal Sentinel and ClubSolutions.


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