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F & F Athlete Training

In 2006 Form & Fitness Health Club opened Wisconsin's FIRST speed, agility, and strength training facility for athletes. This state of the art facility features a certified training staff as well as the latest and best training equipment for strength, function, and performance enhancement training.
Form & Fitness offers signature strength and speed training classes for young athletes and 1-on-1 personal training, in addition to team training, speed camps, as well as educational clinics for athletes, coaches and parents. We deliver a positive training experience where all athletes in our program will become stronger, faster, and more confident! The goal of our program is not only to improve athletic ability by means of speed, agility, strength, flexibility, and injury prevention; but also developing character, confidence, accountability, and discipline.


An evaluation is typically the first step to place each athlete in a class that fits his or her needs. A performance coach will take them through a series of tests to determine that athlete's baseline scores and proper placement and progression of an athlete's performance. The tests used in the evaluation are scientifically proven to best guide athletic development.

What we test:

* 10 yard dash

* 20 yard dash

* Vertical jump

* 5-10-5/pro agility

* 5 hop broad jump

* Chin-ups


We believe the emphasis should be on a foundation or strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, coordination, self confidence, and then sports specific skills and knowledge.
Some services ONLY offered at our Grafton Location.

George Klassen

"Parisi has helped me become a much stronger person, both physically and mentally."

Parker Keckerson

"Weight training helped me place 3rd at Nationals in wrestling this year!"

Gianna Feld

"Parisi makes me feel stronger. As an athlete, it pushes me to the next level."

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