Tired of coming home to an empty fridge? Putting in long hours at the gym and still not reaching your goals? Don't have time to prepare nutritious tasty foods?

Try out our meal prep services. If you find yourself eating out more than five meals per week or grabbing for quick and dirty processed junk food bites throughout your day, then meal prep may be your answer to finally hit and easily maintain that ideal waist line you have been striving after for years and achieve great nutrition for maximal health.

Why it Works

No more hassle, no more time getting food prepared, no more clean up Meals are crafted by a culinary artist for delicious arrays of flavor Our dietitian has hand-picked healthy ingredients, proven beneficial for decreasing body fat while maintaining lean muscle

Choose what works for you: Sign on for your Monday – Friday breakfast, lunch or dinner packages, OR have all 15 meals per work week ready at your fingertips!

Meal prep packages can be mixed between breakfast, lunch and dinner options.* Most people buy an average of 5 meals/week

*1 complimentary 45 minute consultation with our dietitian with your first week of meal prep purchase

At $12.99 per meal, it’s MORE affordable than diners and cafes

Andrew Senger, RD

Health and fitness does not have to be a chore but rather an opportunity and I look forward to helping you find that place in your own life. I have a Master’s degree in nutrition sciences and exercise physiology, and I utilize this information to develop nutritional meal plans and exercise regimens to help members meet their personal health goals.

I have a culinary background that will help to support your educational platform as you build flavor profiles into your nutrition program, experience hands on cooking lessons in group and one on one setting, and even take the responsibility of eating right completely off your shoulders as you try weeks of meals prepared in my culinary art lab.



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