Putting in long hours at the gym month after month? Do you have the same health resolution every New Year?  Does losing weight seem harder for you than everyone around you?

Nutrition Counseling is an intensive one-on-one program for individuals looking for answers and guidance to health and weight management. Our dietitian has worked in a variety of specialties including diabetes, cardiac rehabilitation, renal and hepatic medical nutrition management, GI complications, and weight loss.

The average individual in America will attempt an ‘undesirable diet’ actively for over 240 MONTHS of their life in an attempt to manage their weight or health conditions. Less than half of individuals surveyed reported reaching their ideal health goals. Put an end to the constant limitations of dieting and start developing a lifestyle and mission statement that you are happy to live out.

What to Expect

A full health and nutrition assessment to develop individualized goals and expectations Access to stress and health symptom based questionnaires Interpretations of symptom based results to understand your metabolism Learn how to improve metabolic defects that make it hard to achieve fitness goals Periodic body fat assessments or discuss hospital lab results Learn to create delicious and healthy foods through cooking classes.

Andrew Senger, RD

Health and fitness does not have to be a chore but rather an opportunity and I look forward to helping you find that place in your own life. I have a Master’s degree in nutrition sciences and exercise physiology, and I utilize this information to develop nutritional meal plans and exercise regimens to help members meet their personal health goals.

I have a culinary background that will help to support your educational platform as you build flavor profiles into your nutrition program, experience hands on cooking lessons in group and one on one setting, and even take the responsibility of eating right completely off your shoulders as you try weeks of meals prepared in my culinary art lab.



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