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Did you know 70 percent of your body weight is what you eat? The other 30 percent is a combination of lifestyle and exercise.
Eat your way to 100 percent healthy with one of these Form & Fitness Nutrition Programs.


Our nutritionist, Jessica Beaupre, will customize a health or weight loss plan for you.


Our most popular weight management program will help transform your life. It is an 8-week program where you will learn real world strategies that will transform your life. Along with your nutrition classes you will participate in an exercise program created by one of our knowledgeable fitness professionals. You will get all the support and guidance through this journey to make your transformation!! 
We have helped over hundreds of individuals! Are you next?

"I LOVE the Transform U Program becuase the coaches support me every step of the way to make a healthy transformation!" - Teri T

Meet Jessica!

I couldn't be happier spending my time connecting people to true, whole foods. I am inspired by health, wellness, cooking and eating. One taste at a time, I've gained respect for whole foods that are so powerful, they can act as medicines. I want to empower others to take food into their own hands and spend face-to-face time learning about food for fuel and function. I can't wait to help you meet your goals!

I am drawn to nature no matter where I am and enjoy most of all: camping, kayaking, exploring, and live music. I’ve graduated from the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin with a degree in Nutritional Sciences and a certification in Complementary and Integrative Medicines.

Jessica Beaupre, Staff Nutritionist

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