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Our Staff of Trainers


About me:
Fitness has always been important to me. Throughout my childhood it was my dad that got me moving. Whether it was mowing the lawn, going for long hikes or bike rides, he was the one who inspired me to be where I am today. Sometimes we need a push from another person to maintain our drive and get us on our feet each day. Today, I continue the hobbies that got me moving. I love to waterski, barefoot ski, hike and work out to maintain my overall fitness.

I want to be the one to inspire you like my dad did me. I want to be the one to push YOU. As your personal trianer, I will be here to motivate and educate you to be successful. From flexibility and core strength to functional training and bootcamps, I will help you achieve YOUR goals. Overall health and well-being require dedication and commitment. It's a lifestyle.

After attending a four-year program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, I love that I continue to learn while I teach others. With a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (the study of human movement sciences), it is rewarding to be able to apply my knowlege and help others reap the rewards.

Certified Personal Trainer, NESTA
B.S., Kinesiology/Pre-Physical Therapy (UW-Milwaukee)

Work: 262.375.4577
Email: staceysabe@gmail.com


About me:
Exercise has always been a part of my life and I'd love to make it part of YOURS! From soccer and ice hockey in high school and college, to yoga and Tai Chi later on, I've never stopped moving. I love to work out, and I want all of my clients to feel what it's like to have MORE energy, MORE strength and MORE flexibility at any age. I will help you achieve this with functional exercises, strength training and plenty of core and balance moves. I always try to keep the workouts challenging and fun. I am an NASM certified personal trainer.

In addition to training, I work out and I still play ice hockey. When I'm not running or skating around, I may be found cooking, reading or just hanging out with my husband and three children.

Cell: 262.424.9502
Work: 262.375.4577


About me:
As a personal trainer at the Grafton Form & Fitness and Mequon Studio. I love to work with people that want to develop a positive relationship with nutrition and exercise. I am motivated when I see my clients achieve their goals and get the results for which they work so hard. I design safe, fun, and effective workouts that guarantee results.

Fitness has been a part of my life since I was young, so it didn't take long to know what I wanted to do when I grew up. In high school I was a two-sport athlete, playing volleyball and basketball. I went on to play basketball at Lakeland college, but soon transferred to University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.

BS Kinesiology/ Exercise Science with a minor in Strength and Conditioning
CPR, First Aid, & AED Certified (American Red Cross)

Email: katie.formandfitness@gmail.com


About me:
I believe exercise and fitness should be a priority in everybody's life. I have been active ever since I can remember. In high school I was a four-sport athlete competing in football, wrestling, track & field as a pole vaulter for which I was a 4-year letter winner, and baseball. Today I play softball, golf, waterski and weight train to keep my body healthy and strong. I bring my competitive attitude to training sessions to help you reach your goals and overall improve your quality of life.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology/ Exercise Science with a minor in Strength and Conditioning from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Throughout my four years at UW-O I worked with collegiate athletes (football, baseball, softball, basketball, track, wrestling and gymnastics) and enjoyed personal training experience with older adults, as well as youth athletes. I love the field that I chose because it constantly changes and challenges me to continue my education on a daily basis.

BS Kinesiology/ Exercise Science with a minor in Strength and Conditioning
Schwinn Indoor Cycling (ACE)
CPR, First Aid, & AED Certified (American Red Cross)
Dot-fit certified

Kassie Legate

About me:
Being a highly active individual throughout my life, personal training and health coaching have always been an interest of mine. I work with a variety of individuals ranging from youth, maturing adults, and cancer survivors. I believe in finding a workout program that best fits you and your needs to continuously reach your goals. As a coach, I believe it is important to display empathy, understand how the body moves, and develop realistic goals to work towards!

B.S. Health Promotion and Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville
ACE Personal Trainer
ACE Health Coach
ACSM Cancer Exercise Specialist
TRX Suspension Trainer

Fun Fact:
I have three St. Bernard’s at home! :)


About me:
I found my passion for health and fitness as an undergraduate studying Kinesiology. Growing up I didn't participate in many sports, but as a college student I dove into a variety of them such as martial arts, cycling and competitive speed skating. My Kinesiology degree and experience with different sports taught me the importance of technique and proper form to benefit from a regular training schedule. My training style allows me to help others understand their bodies so that they maximize their workouts without the risk of injury. Whether you're training for a competitive sport or simply interested in improving your strength and wellness, my focus on teaching body awareness alongside strength and conditioning will help you reach you goals.

B.S. Kinesiology from UW-M
Parisi Speed School coach
TRX suspension training
Schwinn indoor cycling


About me:
I've always been active with a high motor, but my interest in exercise really began to develop during high school. I was a three-year letter winner in football and wrestling, at which I received several accolades. I later earned a scholarship to play football at Minnesota State University-Mankato.

My passion to help others improve their lives combined with my ten years experience in strength and conditioning made it a no-brainer that personal training was the right path for me.

Whether you want to lose weight, have more energy or gain muscle and increase strength, I will work with you to customize a simple and effective fitness plan to help you achieve the changes you want.

In addition to personal training, I also work with the Parkinson's Disease exercise group, train athletes in the Parisi Speed School and teach group exercise classes and boot camps at Form & Fitness.

Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association
Performance Coach for the Parisi Speed School

Cindy Brotzman 

Coming soon...

Cathleen Mentzer

About me:

I’ve been an AFAA certified group fitness instructor since the early 1990s. While I’ve taught a variety of class formats, my favorite class to lead is Muscle Conditioning!

I became a NESTA certified personal trainer because I truly enjoy helping people. I take a very practical, balanced approach to wellness. I am eager to share the knowledge I’ve gained to help others live their healthiest lives!

Fun Facts:
Some fun facts about me: my husband and I met at a local gym where I was an instructor and he was a member. We’ve been married over 20 years and we have 3 kids. In my free time, I love hanging out with family and friends at our lake house or vacationing at our favorite sleepy island in Florida. Aside from exercise, I have a passion for cooking, gardening and internet shopping!

Jess Beaupre

About me:
I couldn't be happier spending my time connecting people to true, whole foods. I am inspired by health, wellness, cooking and eating. One taste at a time, I've gained respect for whole foods that are so powerful, they can act as medicines. I want to empower others to take food into their own hands and spend face-to-face time learning about food for fuel and function. I can't wait to help you meet your goals!

I am drawn to nature no matter where I am and enjoy most of all: camping, kayaking, exploring, and live music. I’ve graduated from the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin with a degree in Nutritional Sciences and a certification in Complementary and Integrative Medicines.


About me:
Fitness became a passion for me once I finally conquered my exercise-induced asthma. After 23 years of having that as a crutch, even in my everyday life, I dedicated myself to getting it under control. After that, everything else followed suit; my health became a priority as well as helping others reach their goals. I make it a goal not only for people to have a challenging workout, but also to make my training sessions as fun and entertaining as possible. I enjoy running Spartan Races with my wife, who is a Zumba instructor here at Form and Fitness.

Fun Fact:
I'm an actor, so leading groups through exercise is as enthralling to me as being on stage in the spotlight!

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

About me:
I am a mom, a runner-just ran my first full marathon in October, I enjoy being outside, spending time with my family, baking and exercising! I love a challenging workout and am proud of what my body can do! I strongly believe that we need to dedicate time for ourselves everyday..mine is dedicated to doing something physically active-it sets the tone for me and for my day. 

My philosophy:
It’s never too late to get started on your fitness journey. Together, we will work on creating your goals and achieving them! Exercise should be something you look forward to  and enjoyable. I will support you along the way, by providing  the proper programming to be successful. The human body was made to move, so let’s get moving!!I

Bachelor of Arts,  Health and Wellness, Ashford University
Les Mills BodyPump, BodyCombat, Core, BodyFlow and BodyStep Certified
Tabata Bootcamp
Alloy Personal Training Solutions Certification
ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialty Certification 
Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Again, Healthy Living with Diabetes Coach 
CPR certified

Functional Training
Strength training



About me:
Josh enjoys designing and implementing programs for those who desire to improve their athletic performance, improve their activities of daily living, or even those who just want to look good for the beach. He has competed in collegiate and club sports, and has trained for strength/power and bodybuilding alike. He also has practical experience in training the elderly population.

Fun Fact: Josh has completed 8 internships while getting his 4 year B.S. Degree, and half of those have consisted of working in the Lakeland University Exercise Science Laboratory performing undergraduate research on resistance training, plyometrics, and rehabilitation.


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