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Our Story

Form & Fitness opened in 2001 by local exercise and physical therapy professional Dr. Ben Quist, DPT, CSCS. The business was created to shelter and nurture people who were seeking a more fit life, but who couldn't find the help and support they needed to be successful in traditional, mainstream membership clubs. We are here to supply leadership to the people in Ozaukee County who struggle with their health and fitness, in a place where our philosophies cut through the confusion and misinformation out there, to change the lives of our members and get them the results they are looking for! We also focus on creating a wonderful, friendly, strong community within our facilities for our members to be a part of.

Mequon Facility

Our first facility opened in Mequon and is still in operation today. Its focus is and always has been on world-class personal training. Professional training is the key to success! We believe fitness is motion, and motion is life!

If you want to maintain the highest standard of living throughout your life, you need to participate in a challenging, but safe, fitness program at least eight times per month. The core to achieving long-term success in fitness is strength training, which is the heart of our training program and one of the biggest keys to sustainable health and fitness over time. (Check out our Training Page for a full listing of our world-class training programs!)

Grafton Facility

Our Grafton facility opened in 2006, and is a big, beautiful full-service health club. At this location, training is still the focus of our business but if you want to work out on your own, you will find endless equipment choices. If you prefer group sessions, we have the largest ALL FREE group exercise schedule in Ozaukee County. If weight loss is your primary goal, we have several great programs to fit your budget to help you reach your goals. And you're always greeted by friendly staff.

(Check out our Nutrition Page or Group X Page for a full listing of these offerings.)

Our Philosophy of Success in the Grafton Facility:

  • We provide leadership and guidance in fitness through training.
  • Everyone is trained as an athlete no matter the age or current conditioning.
  • All members are treated as welcomed guests and as equals. We never prejudge potential by the current condition of a member, by their age, by their color, or by their orientation. Everyone sweats together in this gym!
  • Strength rules. Strength training is the foundation for success in this gym. If a person has only one workout per week, it should be strength.
  • We believe in an upright, holistic, safe, fun, full-body approach to exercise.
  • You can't out-train a bad diet. We do not believe in diets. We teach nutrition by addition rather than by reduction, getting the most nutrient-rich and healthy foods into your diet to replace unhealthy food choices.
  • Cardio works, but only if intensity is present.
  • Never to failure - but always to challenge.
  • Lift heavy, lift often and lift like you mean it.
  • We do not say, "No, you can't." We do say, "Not yet, later," "Let's work on it" and "Yes, it can be done, but you have to do the work."
  • We see every member as someone who has an issue that needs to be solved. We believe there is no such thing as a perfect member. There are only real people who have physical issues and who need our help and support.
  • We never forget that time is the enemy of fitness. Our members have busy lives and need to get in, get it done and get on to other things in life.

Please stop in for a tour, or call or email with questions. On behalf of myself and the staff of Form & Fitness, we look forward to meeting you and helping you with your journey of health and wellness!


Dr. Ben and Gretchen Quist



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