Kathy's Story

Jody's Story

I joined Form & Fitness in May 2014. I continuously ate when stressed at home or at work and was gaining weight. I knew it was time to a make change. I wasn’t as active as I wanted to be. I had a hard time keeping up with my children and wanted to lose some weight. When I first started to work out at Form & Fitness, I mainly focused on cardio. I wanted to build up my endurance and breathing. My goal was to get my weight down to 150 pounds (or more if I could). It took me three years to meet my goal. Unfortunately, I thought I was eating healthy, so I focused on exercise only. The weight loss came only after joining the Form & Fitness Transform U Program in April 2017 and learning about nutrition and how it impacts my training. I can now lift heavy objects, play tag with my kids, sit on the floor with my legs crossed and play more active sports like basketball and tennis. The advice I would give to my peers would be write down achievable goals for both exercise and nutrition – start small daily goals and then gradually work toward bigger goals.

Teri's Story

Chelsea's Story

After I had my daughter at age 21, I realized I was not healthy and wasn’t setting a good example. At first, I did strength training and cardio, which challenged me in different ways. It took me 1.5 years to lose 60 pounds, and I gained the confidence to run my first half marathon in May 2017. One of the things that I do now is track my food and eat an 80/20 diet. Advice I would give my peers would be to START – just start! It’s worth it and you’ll wish you had started sooner. I am thankful I found Form & Fitness!

Rich's Story

Jen's Story

Since the first day of walking into Form & Fitness and starting a workout program with Ryan, I have gained knowledge and confidence in my body. My goal at Form & Fitness was to feel strong and develop a habit of discipline to achieve my results. Ryan has taught me numerous programs, one specifically related to my profession. His patience, along with the creativity of workouts keeps me motivated, resulting in physical and mental progress. I am continually impressed with the ongoing education the gym provides, the cleanliness and the ability to communicate with the members regarding their needs.

Peter's Story

Kayla's Story

My motivation to start exercising and getting healthier was to change around my lifestyle because there are a lot of health issues in my family. I also wanted to feel good and look good! One challenge I had to overcome was pushing myself hard enough to actually see results! Oftentimes I would lack motivation or not push myself enough. Eventually it got to the point where I gave it my all and that's when I started seeing results. Positive effects exercise has had on my life is that I no longer am tired or insecure and I have a ton of energy! I also have encouraged other family members with health issues to start exercising and I want to obtain a personal training certification soon. One thing I did in the past that didn't work was my very consistent exercise routine. Form & Fitness classes have pushed me to switch up my workouts so that I can challenge myself in different ways. I absolutely love the classes!

Mike's Story

Becky's Story

After hearing from my doctor that I should no longer do intense exercises because of a heart condition that I have, I gained 30 pounds over a 5-year period. My condition became one of many excuses not to exercise. It was like I had given up. Then last year a few friends my age died of heart attacks, which really scared me. Between that and my disgust of my weight, I knew it was time to get back on track, no matter what my cardiologist said! So, I joined Form & Fitness and the Transform U Program. I now go to Team Training and Small Group sessions, and I let each of my trainers know ahead of time about my heart condition. I feel comfortable knowing that with their training and certifications, they all have the skills and equipment readily available to assist me, should the need arise.

Within eight weeks of joining Form & Fitness, I lost a healthy seven pounds, which was great motivation for me to keep going! I really enjoy the variety and type of exercises in my sessions – no two days are alike. Every week it seems a new move is introduced. And just when I think I can’t do one more push-up or lift a heavier kettlebell, the trainers convince me that I can.

I get to Form & Fitness four or five times per week. My eating habits have changed for the better (but I still eat brats and drink plenty of beer!). And I’ve lost about 17 pounds in 8 months. Getting to the gym is now on my priority list and I look forward to each of my workouts.

Kim's Story

Sharon's Story

Let me explain the picture. It’s my mom and I. When I look at pictures of my mom and when I talk to her, I know I am an OVERCOMER. I am strong, I am so blessed, and I am so worth it. My past does not determine who I am; it is only a part of me that has made me the person who I am today. Here is my story! I am almost 58 years young. I did not grow up in a happy home. Compliments were not giving out. We were, too fat, too thin, not pretty enough, not smart enough.

I did not have much of a self-worth, did not feel as if I were “good enough” Now when I think about it I guess others could see that I felt that way about myself, so that caused others not to treat me well.

10 years ago I lost 184 pounds that I had gained between the age of 40 and 45. I kept if off for a while, but soon things happened in my life.

My brother in law and mother in law became extremely sick. My husband and I took care of them at home. My son was overseas in Iraq, his wife and children were here, they needed our help. My parents also needed financial help. I took on extra jobs; my husband had to sell the family business and took on a 3rd shift job. I gave up my music, and my bible study and my workouts. Well the weight I lost was coming back on again.

Back in August I then decided this was it, I was going to stick to a good eating plan and exercise plan. It’s not easy to do for me as I am up by 4:45, take out the dog, get myself ready for work, go pick up my husband from work, I then go to work 8am-5 pm then work my other job 6-11. Working 7 days a week does not leave me with a lot of time. I am trying to squeeze in anything I can; elliptical and 15 min DVD.

I start my day with prayer; I end my day with prayer. Once I realized that I am worth so much more that I was giving myself any credit, things fell into place. I have had a revival in my soul. It starts with a changed mind. Getting rid of the “I cant’s” in my life. I turned my someday into today. I turned all of my maybe’s into I have Faith. I may not be where I want to be but Thank God I am not where I used to be.



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