Form & Fitness's was founded 16 years ago as a personal training company. Our mission remains to provide you with Southeastern Wisconsin's best personal training. This led us to create and now offer members the Perfect Fit Guarantee.* 

With the Perfect Fit Guarantee, we assure that you:

  • Get the Right Trainer (we have more than 25 from which to choose. Each are certified nutrition coaches);
  • Get the Right Program (we help you identify fitness goals with a specialized assessment protocol.);
  • Achieve the Right Results!

Experience personal training with the best in Ozaukee County (we even guarantee it*).


Option 1: Specialty Training Membership

Enjoy access to Form & Fitness' 24-hour club and an unlimited speciality personal training schedule (calender below). The Specialty Training Membership includes the hottest workout trends in the country at a mind-blowing low price of only $89/month!

  • Boot camps: High intensity functional fitness training that helps you step up your fitness level. This class welcomes up to 20 members each session.
  • Form-fit: High intensity, goal-oriented workout that will challenge people of every fitness level.
  • Kickboxing: Full contact high intensity workout that pushes your cardiovascular fitness in a fun and exhilarating way.
  • Shockwave: "The most efficient total-body workout in the world" takes extreme cross training to a new level. Shockwave features specially designed WaterRower machines.
  • Small Group: Incorporates an educational total body workout that includes cardio and strength training. Up to 6 participants may participate each session.

Option 2: One-on-One Personal Training

Choose from one of our personal training packages* or join as an Elite Member that gurantees the best one-on-one specialized training and specialty training sessions.

You do not need to be a Form & Fitness Gym member to personal train at our club.

Click the link below to try one of our free sessions!  



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