Form & Fitness's was founded 16 years ago as a personal training company. Our mission remains to provide you with Southeastern Wisconsin's best personal training. This led us to create and now offer members the Perfect Fit Guarantee.* 

With the Perfect Fit Guarantee, we assure that you:

  • Get the Right Trainer (we have more than 25 from which to choose. Each are certified nutrition coaches);
  • Get the Right Program (we help you identify fitness goals with a specialized assessment protocol.);
  • Achieve the Right Results!

Experience personal training with the best in Ozaukee County (we even guarantee it*).


Option 1: Team Training or Small Group Training Membership

Enjoy access to Form & Fitness' 24-hour club and an unlimited Team Training or Small Group Training schedule (calender below). These memberships includes the hottest workout trends in the country at a mind-blowing low price of only $99/month!

Team Training (TT) is a high intensity functional fitness session that allows large groups to get in the best shape of their lives. Each session will be a total body workout that will improve your strength, cardiovascular endurance, and your ability to move well.

Team Training Light (TT-LTE)
is a total body workout focused on progressing individuals to move better and strengthen movement patterns. Here is where we get you moving safely and efficiently.

Small Group Training (SGT) is a session limited to 4 participants, which allows our coaches to focus on each participant’s proper form and technique through strength movements. In these sessions, you train how our coaches train, pushing your limits to become stronger and move better longer. 

Team Training and Small Group Training Advantages

Punch, kick, row, push and pull yourself into great shape with a full schedule of personal training sessions. All sessions are lead by our professional personal training team at Form & Fitness. This one-of-a-kind program will push you to get new results, smash plateaus and achieve your goals!

Each Team Training and Small Group Training session will run 50 minutes. The schedule is laid out so that you can participate multiple times a week without over training one muscle group.

The sessions allow for folks of all different fitness levels to participate together and go at their own speed.

No multiple member discount. 

Option 2: One-on-One Personal Training

Choose from one of our personal training packages* or join as an Elite Member to recieve one-on-one specialized training and unlimited Team Training sessions.

You do not need to be a Form & Fitness Gym member to personal train at our club.

Click the link below to try one of our free sessions!  



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