At Form & Fitness, we find that having great exercise classes and a gym full of state-of-the-art equipment is just one part of setting goals and achieving weight loss results. You also need a nutritional component and a coach to help you maximize results. That is why Form & Fitness has created an unique nutrition program to provide you the tools and tips you need to achieve lasting change. The Transform-U Weight Loss Program is one of the most popular offerings at Form & Fitness. Let us help transform you to the person you want to be!

The best way to learn more about this program is to attend one of the FREE, no obligation information sessions listed below. Our next 8-week Transform-U Weight Loss Program begins the week of ---. Join our transformation team to help, motivate and teach you everything you need to know about how healthy and tasty nutrition combined with exercise can help you meet your weight-loss goals.

Choose an option to best suits your needs, goals and budget. Visit us for more information.

Monday, July 17th, 24th, and 30th at 5:30pm
August 2017

"In my forties, it became harder and harder for me to continue eating how I always had AND keep my weight in a healthy range.  I started back at Form & Fitness after a 3-year hiatus (unsuccessfully be accountable to myself and working out in my basement gym). I opted for the "Small Group" membership option and added 4 personal training sessions a month.  During one of my small group classes, Katie encouraged me to join the "Weight Loss Challenge," and I am so glad I did! The weekly weigh-ins motivated me to really pay attention to the food I was eating and make at least five workouts a week at Form & Fitness. When I ate, I would eat half the amount I usually would and really tried to avoid my go-to snacks of chips and sweets. When I saw my name in 5th place on the Weight Loss Challenge board, I couldn't believe it. F&F members would encourage me when I ran into them around town. With that encouragement, I was super motivated to make a difference in my body and my life. I ended up placing 3rd in the Challenge and dropped a total of 20 pounds. Thank you to Katie, Gretchen, Andy and Sharon for their encouragement. I couldn't have done it without you!"

- Leslie



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