The Transform U Program is built on the intake of real food and nutritional balance to match the effort and work of participants at the gym.


  • Healthy weight management is the result of alterations to food choices, behavior modification, incorporation of consistent exercise and movement, and improved lifestyle choices. 
  • Develop an understanding of what healthy means to YOU.  Learn about important risk and health factors to consider when deciding on what you want from your transformation journey.
    • This program delivers a nutrition education and exercise training experience in an impactful and dynamic course that inspires change and moves people forward in their lives.
    • Find yourself motivated by a team of individuals with common goals as you and learn how to be successful and injury free on the fitness floor of the gym.
    • Enjoy high-quality foods in their natural forms, such as fresh vegetables and fruit, natural cuts of meat, fish and poultry, healthy oils, nuts, seeds and appropriate amounts of whole grains.

Be part of a movement.  In an effort to improve health in the state of Wisconsin, Form and Fitness is pledging to lose 500 lbs of excess weight in the year 2018!

December 7th, 2017




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