In 2006 Form & Fitness Health Club opened Wisconsin's FIRST speed, agility, and strength training facility for athletes. This state of the art facility features a certified training staff as well as the latest and best training equipment for strength, function, and performance enhancement training.

Form & Fitness offers signature strength and speed training classes for young athletes and 1-on-1 personal training, in addition to team training, speed camps, as well as educational clinics for athletes, coaches and parents.

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An evaluation is typically the first step to place each athlete in a class that fits his or her needs.

A performance coach will take them through a series of tests to determine that athlete's baseline scores and proper placement and progression of an athlete's performance.

The tests used in the evaluation are scientifically proven to best guide athletic development.


Sessions start with a warmup designed to increase body temperature, mobility and blood/oxygen flow to muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Athletes progress to movements that focus on power and explosiveness -- performing exercises with quality and form of movement.

As athletes master more challenging exercises, coaches teach key components for lower body, upper body, and core related movements -- especially focused on their specific sport.


This class focuses on fundamentals of movement patterns, running form and athletic performance. Classes are designed to incorporate linear speed drills, agility, functional movement and injury prevention (strength and flexibility).

Young athletes will perform a variety of exercises to improve overall fitness, athletic performance, and to develop greater self-confidence.


Our 1:1 programs are designed for each individual athlete to produce results in overall performance. Each athlete will go through an in-depth assessment prior to any training.

The assessment will provide a baseline for our trainers to develop a customized program that will cater to your individual needs and goals.

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