Battle Ropes--Change it up!

October 20, 2020

Are you looking to shake up your routine? Battle ropes are a powerful tool to build stamina, increase strength, and shred fat. With a long heavy rope, an anchor, and consistency, you can transform your entire body.

Muscles Targeted By Battle Ropes

There is a misconception that battle ropes are just for toning the upper body, but this is not true.

Depending on the exercises performed, your entire body can be worked in just one session. The arms, shoulders, back, core, glutes, legs, wrists, and hands can all be worked and strengthened with regular training.

5 Things To Focus On When Using The Ropes

While working out, remember to relax your posture and grip. Bracing yourself and holding your form is important, but tensing your muscles impedes the effectiveness of the workout.
Keep The Breath Normal
Your body needs oxygen in order to workout; keeping your breathing deep and even throughout your workout will help prevent dizziness or nausea.
Train Your Whole Body
Once you have some basic movements down, try new ones each time to keep challenging yourself. Soon you will build a favorite routine that challenges your entire body.
Have A Good Grip
There are two common grips when using battle ropes – the handshake and the boxing glove grip. Make sure to keep your hands relaxed and not over-grip your ropes.
Slam And Whip
Most battle rope movements require you to either powerfully slam the ropes in a direction or to whip them as best you can. Mastering these moves is key to perfecting each move.


How To Perform Battle Rope Exercises?

1. Waves

One of the most basic moves, making waves is a fun and easy way to work your upper or entire body. Bend your knees or fully squat with your feet hip-width apart. Hold the ropes at arm’s length as though shaking someone’s hand and try to make wave patterns in the rope.

2. Power Slams

Standing straight with your feet hip-width apart, hold the grip handshake style and raise your arms above your head. Once your arms are straight, slam the ropes down as hard as you can, moving into a squatting position as you do.

3. Star Jumps

One of the more intense moves in battle ropes, star jumps, requires you to stand straight with your feet together facing the anchor. Hold the ropes handshake style at your sides and perform star jumps, trying to create an X shape with your body.

Important Rules Regarding Battle Ropes

1. Move In Any Directions

One of the great things about battle ropes is their versatility; you can move them in any which way and activate different areas of your body. If you find yourself in a rut, try moving them side to side or in other directions.

2. Use The Ropes To Maximum

While many people use battle ropes to warm up or finish their workout, they can be a challenging workout all on their own. Try having days dedicated to battle rope training for maximum cardio, resistance, and results.

3. Resistance

The thickness and length of a rope play a part in how much resistance you face each workout. Make sure to stand the proper distance from the anchor and make the most of each set for maximum effect

Benefits Of Battle Rope Exercises

There are plenty of reasons to add battle rope exercises into your fitness regime. After only a few sessions, you will begin to feel your body change. From increased fitness and endurance, battle ropes can transform your life by:

  1. Improving your stamina
  2. Strengthening and leaning out muscles
  3. Improving cardiovascular health
  4. Burning more calories and shredding fat
  5. Working your entire body including all major muscle groups
  6. Proving a killer workout without damaging your joints and bones




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